• Whether they are interesting or boring, colored or gray, full of repercussions of past day or on the contrary presenting certain portents, carrying us over far back in the past or designing in consciousness pictures of future, sweet or ghastly – all of them are our dreams. Content of dreams has been a secret for human from long ago – different dream interpretation existed at different times.

    When people tried to discover the meaning of dreams, they were primarily striving to look into their future and understand what fate is preparing for them. Correctly interpreted dream could become a true warning, promise of gladness and prosperity and on the contrary forerunner of illness or even death, promise of domestic bliss or expeditious marriage. A lot of alternative predictions existed in the past and exist now and all of them are collected to dream-books or interpreters of dreams.

    How dreams are connected with the events that occur with human in reality? Each of us receives a lot of information during being awake and this flow of information is continuous and inexhaustible. Our consciousness is forced to leave in memory only the most important and notional information filtering out everything else. However, human remembers everything that occurs with him at any moment in minutest details.

    It happens thanks to activity of unconscious that collects and analyzes all of received information. During sleeping unconscious comes to the fore and reminds human of unnoticed information by means of dreams and in the form of the bright graphic actions that occur within sight of the one who sleeps.

    This is precisely why it is so difficult to overestimate the importance of dreams, though it is not impossible that in some cases its content is formed under the influence of bright impressions of the past day or is just a reflection of recently occurred events. However, our dreams stay an inexhaustible source of information. Prediction, which was made on the basis of dream, most commonly comes true.

    How to interpret your dream? Our site was created to assist you with this. To discover an interpretation of dream you have to resolve it into components and mark the brightest parts of it. Then it is necessary to label a dream with one word, e.g. breakup or party, and find this word in our dream-book – dream interpretation will be determined by the meaning of this word.

    But you have to take into account that the true meaning of dream can be understood in aggregate ascertainment of its brightest moments. An additional point is that you have to draw your attention to items, people and animals that surround you in dream – it is likely that they emblematize something.

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